Hi my name is Hallie Munro and I was born with many concerning health conditions that led doctors to believe that I would die young. Little did they know I would rise back up after being knocked down. Even though this was a huge road block in my life I still fight to prove that I deserve to live a normal life. I am on my middle schools dance team and enjoy  dance so much. I also am in love with photography and love to experiment with it.  Food is life! Even though I have to eat a lot more than the usual teen in order to live I am not opposed to some Chik-fil-a.

I love to bake because I find it fun to see what I can create (plus I get good food out of it). If you haven't guessed by the theme I love butterflies because they are so pretty. Lastly I love space and constellations, when I can't fall asleep before bed because I am in too much pain I go out to my backyard and star gaze. I find this is an amazing distraction because space and constellations are so fascinating.